Every picture tells a story. TGS freezes all the emotions and in-turn tailors the pictures together to tell your wedding story through pictures. The photos will not just be rich in colour but also in emotions. TGS does not believe in the concept of number of pictures and creates as many images as possible on your big day so that you have enough moments freezed to sit and cherish for rest of your life. and for these celebrations we present you with a movie which we promise will be your favourite forever.



It is very important to capture the maternity / pregnancy phase of your child's life. TGS  offers the best maternity & pregnancy portrait & photography services in India, to capture these memories of your child's life with our maternity photography session. We offer creative maternity and pregnancy photography shoots capturing the essence of motherhood that can be treasured forever.


Professional Photography sessions for baby portraits or infant photography can be very challenging and require specially trained infants, baby & newborn photographers who can relate with infants and babies as well as the parents to get that memorable portrait that can be treasured. Our infants, baby & newborn photography & portraits services are unique and creative.


We as entrepreneurs, know the importance of commercials for corporate foundations. With our fine art and skills, we produce the best out of your product or service. We look forward to create commercials, maintaining the sanctity and standards of your company. Let your vision flow digitally through our lenses. We have extended our services to companies like Royal Enfield Karnataka, Alltech, SaPa, Rittal and many more.


With our Founder’s vision in direction of conserving the greens and the wilds of the planet, we stand ready to give you the best of wildlife experience. In the vicinity of nature, we try to produce best of its vibrant beauty. In the virtue of our immense love for nature, we also have been part of National Geographic Channel project in Karnataka, We take you to the journey in the green with perks of animal behaviour, wildlife photography basics, forest rules. And the list goes on! Pack your rucksacks, hold on to your excitements and experience best of wild with us!

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