"To be successful!, the first thing to do is fall in love with your work"

Having belief in the above statement, the team decided to live the statement not by loving what they did but by doing what they love!

Yes , despite of having Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering from one of the most reputed institutions 'Manipal University' in India and having worked in couple of fortune 500 companies for over 4 years and having served one of the reputed Engineering Colleges in Bengaluru for couple of years as an Assistant Professor,Pradeep Gowda founded TGS in 2016 to create a platform to live the Dreams and Passion. Having Similar interest, the members joined hands with TGS in 2016 to kick start the journey of 'Living the Passion'.
With over 7 years of experience with the cameras and various photography and film making equipment's, the team has successfully completed about 50 plus wedding assignments . TGS has also served the corporate clients like "Royal Enfield", "Alltech", "Rittal", "Sapa", "Gauge16" , "DotDotBoom" etc. and has also been making documentaries on places and wildlife and has proudly completed over 80 assignments in total.    


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