Pradeep Gowda

Founder & Managing Director

Pradeep ​with an interest in animals, birds & nature from childhood developed a fascination towards Nature & Wildlife since a very young age. He started Wildlife Photography in 2010 and also learnt other genres of photography while working as an IT professional . He spent 7 years in learning technical aspects of photography & film-making. After serving in IT industry for 4 years, he pursued his masters & served one of the reputed Engineering Colleges in Bengaluru as an Assistant Professor until he founded "The Green Side" in 2016. He is passionate & leads a team of 6 enthusiastic professionals who have expertise in their respective fields and are striving towards perfection. 

Manohar Gowda

Chief Operating Officer

Manohar ​with a passion for travel from his school days and has explored amazing places in and around Karnataka and with a vision of showing it to more travellers he has left no stones  unturned and regularly puts efforts so that he can justify the beauty of nature to the global audience  in travel, wildlife & photography .He is a perfect idol for a travel skipper.His work in operations are distinctive and perfect which makes the tasks look more easier than reality. He is also famous in the team by the name of Mr. Perfectionist.

Kishor H S

Chief Executive Officer

Known for his patience and vision to attain the perfection, Kishor sets an example to the team members not only by creating mesmerizing images but always by creating most stable videos with a unique angle and motion. Having served as a Senior Software Engineer for over a decade , Photography and Film-making has been his hard found passion. He has also been doing a good number of wildlife expeditions throughout the year and is known for his adventure activities. 

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